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I get upset at all the mail we get this time of year from charities and agencies asking for money. I just throw most of them in the trash. I know we could give more than we do, but how can I know who really needs money and will use it wisely?


Although you may not be aware of it, many nonprofit organizations (including our own) depend on year-end giving to balance their budgets and keep their work on a solid financial foundation. Without these gifts, their work would have to be cut back, and countless people who depend on them would be seriously affected.

This is why I hope you’ll do at least two things as you consider your year-end giving. First, realize that your money isn’t really yours. God gave it to you; He gave you the ability to earn it, and He gave you the opportunity to use it wisely. Perhaps this is a radical thought to you—but it should give you a sincere “attitude of gratitude” for all you have. The Bible says, “When God gives someone wealth and possessions … this is a gift of God” (Ecclesiastes 5:19).

Second, pray about your giving. God knows what you can give—and He also knows where it will do the most good. No, you can’t support every worthwhile project; the needs are too great. But ask God to guide you to organizations and projects you can support—especially ones that touch people’s lives for Christ. Your pastor may be able to point you to groups that have a sound financial reputation.

Don’t, however, overlook your most important gift—and that is the gift of your life to Jesus Christ. He gave His life for us; why give anything less to Him?