Billy Graham at the 1963 National Prayer Breakfast

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  1. usmade100 says:

    I can feel the Holy Spirit in this beloved prayer by Rev. Graham even still this day. To God be the glory and protect our President Trump today Lord. Please envelope him and his family with your security and guidance. Lead him and guide him precious Lord. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

  2. ron says:

    Mr. Graham could be speaking at the pray breakfast to our leaders today if we would have only listen maybe we could have avoided Gods judgement. What we need now is to repent and turn to God and ask for forgiveness and turn from our sins while there is still time if there is anytime left. It seem like some of us can’t turn on our own and we need Gods help to turn.

  3. Abiodun says:

    This conversation is still apt for the moment we are in. God bless his words and make them alive in all our lives

  4. Gail Pate says:

    I love to hear Reverand Graham deliver his messages. Truly he was the pastor to the presidents! Without a doubt the greatest evangelist in my lifetime of 77 years! I attended several of his crusades across the country! I feel so blessed to have been there! May God bless him and Franklin and all of the BGEA team and may God bless our President and America! God bless Israel!🙏🙏

  5. Reba green says:

    God bless you Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. thanks for all you do

  6. Kimberly weaver says:

    There are no words that can express the truth in which he speaks only sadness for our country today!!!

  7. henry mutongi says:

    powerful, sounds like its just today. God bless Grandpa Graham.

  8. Corey Holloway says:

    On that date I was 8 years old. The great blessing is that Dr. Billy Graham didn’t fail to proclaim the message of confession of sin, necessity of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for eternal life. In the company of Presidents, Kings, Queens or common everyday people the message of salvation was proclaimed and will never change. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Won’t you trust Him today as your Savior and Lord. May the Holy Spirit help you today in the most important decision of your life.

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