How to Handle Temptation

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One-way signs

It is Satan’s purpose to steal the seed of truth from your heart by sending distracting thoughts. It should encourage you to know that the devil considers you a good enough Christian to use as a target.

The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is: though they both may have good and evil thoughts, Christ gives His followers strength to select the right rather than the wrong. You see a man going to prayer meeting with a Bible under his arm. That man was undoubtedly tempted to stay at home, go bowling, or to some other activity. But, as these diverse thoughts came to his mind, he made the right selection, and headed for the church.

Another man walks through the night to a bar. It no doubt occurred to him that he had best stay home with his family. But he yielded to the negative thought, and gave in to his lower appetites.

It is not the temptations you have, but the decision you make about them that counts.

The time is now for obedience, not excuses. Read more.

Prayer for the day

Decisions will have to be made each day, Lord. With Your strength and wisdom, help me to make the right ones

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  1. Diana Lynn Cornette says:

    Thanks Jesus. Amen.

  2. Cynthia Henderson says:

    I need you in my life on a daily basis, Lord. Please lead and guide my life in Your name Lord. Thank You, Jesus.

  3. ruben says:

    Him ham us wisdom Lord Jesus, give us a clean heart to pursue our dreams. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  4. Illeana Aparaschivei says:

    Dear Lord, my life is in Your hands. Amen

  5. Mark A Germaine says:

    God give us strength! In Jesus’ Name I pray.

  6. Max says:

    No truer words were ever spoken.

  7. Gerry says:

    The freedom to choose is a huge privilege God provided. God did not make robots, he made people. He also gave us natural instincts to choose between right and wrong. You do not have to be a Bible scholar to choose the right path. However the decision is yours. Bear in mind, there are always consequences for your choice.

  8. Spencer Nelson says:

    May someone pray for me as I’m facing many temptations at the moment.

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