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When I was a boy, radio was just coming of age. We would gather around a crude homemade set and twist the three tuning dials in an effort to establish contact with the transmitter. Often, all the sound that came out of the amplifier was the squawk of static; but we knew that somewhere out there was the unseen transmitter, and if contact was established and the dials were in adjustment, we could hear a voice loud and clear. After a long time of laborious tuning, the far distant voice would suddenly break through and a smile of triumph would illuminate the faces of all in the room. At last we were tuned in!

In the revelation that God established between Himself and us, we can find a new life and a new dimension of living, but we must “tune in.” There are higher levels of living to which we have never attained. There is peace, satisfaction, and joy that we have never experienced. God is trying to break through to us. The heavens are calling. God is speaking! Let man hear.

Anne Graham Lotz Bible Study: How to Know God’s Voice

Prayer for the day

Lord, help me to be so attuned to Your will that I will experience all that You so lovingly wish to bestow

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  1. Glad says:

    All glory to God.

  2. Loi says:

    Glory to God!🙌🏽 Thank you Lord Jesus. Father God, Lord, never permit me to be separated from You. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I give You all the praise and glory. Amen, Amen and Amen!🙏🏽

  3. Jo says:

    Amen!! Glory to God.

  4. Marshall Robert says:

    Am looking forwaard to visit every day

  5. Marshall Robert says:


  6. Heidi VP James says:


    r LORD JESUS CHRIST. Hallelujah.amen…AMEN.
    IN JESUS CHRIST OUR Lord OUR GOD..i will contact you as soon as possible.
    THANK YOU FOR teaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus..AMEN.

  7. Leymar larrahondo says:

    Su experiencia en el caminar con cristo a sido de muchas bendiciones para muchas almas quisiera seguir recibiendo los devocionales diarios

  8. Rosario Lewis says:

    Lord God, let me always be with you and never let your spirit leave me. I know Lord God, in you I am everything without You I am nothing. Lord God, I invite you today to be the Lord and saviour of my life. Lord God, please answer my prayers I made in my personal time I spent with you. As your word says a prayer made in faith is always answered. Glory to God. Amen

    1. Amanda Fleming says:


у нас