The Power of Choice

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Viktor Frankl in his book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” describes the reactions of two brothers with the same heredity, the same environment, in the same concentration camp under the Nazis. One became a saint and the other a swine. Frankl tells us the reason why. He said, “Each man has within him the power to choose how he will react to any given situation.” God has given us the power of choice. Some people today do not wish to accept the responsibility for their actions. They blame society. They blame the environment. They blame the schools. They blame the circumstances. But Adam sinned in a perfect environment under perfect circumstances. We can’t blame it all on somebody else. We must accept the blame ourselves for our part. Society is made up of individuals. If we have social injustice, we’re the ones who are wrong; we’re part of it. Let’s accept our responsibility to do something about it.

How can you make wise choices? Read this short advice from Billy Graham.

Prayer for the day

With Your help, living Lord, I want to make the right decisions so that I may touch society with Your healing love.

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  1. Jim williams says:

    I loved Dr. Graham!

  2. Terri says:

    Thank you for the awesome website and daily devotion.
    God bless this country and society. Amen

  3. Leslie Lykens says:

    I really understand God’s Word on temptation fully now.

  4. Lea Allison Cook says:

    Yes! Our choices define our future! Praying for God’s hand in my daily decision making processes! Let us all shine a light on a darkened world in Jesus’ Holy name!

    1. Leslie Lykens says:

      Very well worded!

  5. Gerry says:

    The consequences for a wrong choice can be huge. The greatest example is choosing not to believe in Christ. The consequences are eternal .

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