The Power of Speech

By   •   March 11


You have a tongue and a voice. These instruments of speech can be used destructively or employed constructively. You can use your tongue to slander, to gripe, to scold, to nag, and to quarrel; or you can bring it under the control of God’s Spirit and make it an instrument of blessing and praise. The 20th-century version of James 3:3 says, “When we put bits into the horses’ mouths to make them obey us, we control the rest of their bodies also.” Just so, when we submit to the claims of Christ upon our lives, our untamed natures are brought under His control. We become meek, tamed, and “fit for the Master’s service.”

Read “How to Tame the Tongue”

Prayer for the day

I would be under Your control, Lord Jesus
Christ. Take away the pride that keeps me from complete submission.

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  1. Venice Campbell says:

    Very insightful.

  2. Carol Israel says:

    Quite a nice reading to guide me throughout the week. Stay blessed.

  3. Enoch Sadarla Prince says:


  4. Enoch Sadarla Prince says:

    Thank you.

  5. Gerry says:

    It is a constant struggle to control what we say, particularly if emotions are running high. We need to ask God for help during those moments. Words cannot be taken back once spoken.

  6. Lucinda smith says:

    I want what Jesus had while he was on this cruel earth. Hated for loving. Hated for kind deeds. This world is a sad place. Money has become God. So everyone’s spirits are empty. Still searching. Sad…. I want to be a light in this dark world. That’s what he told me I was here for. He said “you are here to help us”. I’ve never shared that story like this before. But at this place and time in this world I think it’s time people know the truth. Amen Thank you GOD for this day. 😇

  7. Rosario Lewis says:

    Tongue can either make or break. It should be used only for God’s work. To praise and Worship him. To surrender and ask for forgiveness. God today I surrender my tongue to you. Use it for your glory only. Amen

  8. Asuile says:

    So blessed. Thank you.

  9. Gerry says:

    Too often, we don’t fully consider what we say before we say it.

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