Decision Texas Photos: Lubbock

By Ron Nickel and TJ Petrino   •   October 12, 2017

Over 5,600 people filled Mackenzie Park South in Lubbock, Texas, for the first stop along with Franklin Graham. .
Franklin was at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, last year for the Decision America Tour, and is returning to seven cities across the state this month to bring a timeless message of hope.
Crowder, who’s from Texas, is leading down-home, foot-stomping worship throughout the tour. During one of his most popular songs, “I Am,” on Wednesday night, he paused before the next verse. “This is the important part,” he said, then continued with the lyrics: “This is my resurrection song. This is my hallelujah come. ... There's no space that His love can't reach. There's no place that we can't ."
Nearly 40,000 students attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock, where a campus officer was shot to death Monday night. With the tragedy fresh on everyone’s mind, Franklin Graham led the crowd in prayer for the family of the murdered officer, Floyd East Jr., as well as university students and other families grieving the community's loss.
" is based on His good works, not our good works,” Franklin Graham said, talking about Christ’s death on the cross.
His message focused on the need for repentance, the turning away from sin. “If you don't repent, there's no hope,” Franklin said, emphasizing the seriousness of rebelling against God. The good news? “, He'll heal your heart and the Holy Spirit will come into your life and guide you."
As a line of people streamed toward the front of the stage to respond to Christ, Franklin Graham watched from the podium, misty eyed and with a smile on his face. Seeing people take the bold step of calling Jesus Lord never gets old.
“Tonight He forgave you. You're forgiven,” Franklin told the crowd of people standing in front of him at the end of the night.
Crowder had the audience on their feet, singing along for several songs.
Children and teens made up a large portion of the crowd, all there to hear Crowder sing, listen to Franklin Graham speak and watch fireworks light up the night.
Crowder will join Franklin Graham on the remaining tour stops.
Decision Texas continues through next week with six more stops: , , , , and .

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  1. Tena Shepherd says:

    Attended the tour in Midland. Loved it! Very honored to hear Franklin Graham.

  2. Bob Swinney says:

    Glad the Tour started off so well. Look forward to attending in Round Rock Monday night with a bus load and van load from our church in Lakeway.

  3. Donna J Gagliardo says:

    Thank you for being a genuine apostle in spreading the Good News. I just heard a song reflecting the same message: We are saved be grace, held by love, by what the cross has done. I do ask the Father for your words concerning Jesus to be anointed with power! Jesus said, “Learn from me.” Matthew 11:29

  4. Wade Wiley says:

    This was a short and to the point message! I was moved as to the attendance. It reached so many and I pray that many are moved to continue on their journey and find a church to help this message spread to more people! I wish this team a safe tour and travels! I pray that this message reaches the hearts and ears of those that attend! I never knew that Franklin Graham had lived in Lubbock. I would like to see him return with more events like this!

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