Answers to the Top 5 Spiritual Questions of 2017

By   •   January 12, 2018

For decades, Billy Graham’s ‘My Answer’ column has provided easy-to-read, Biblical answers to difficult spiritual questions.

Each week, new answers are posted on, where readers can search for specific topics or scroll through hundreds of time-tested posts from Billy Graham and the BGEA team.

Last year, the most-clicked answer pages were visited hundreds of thousands of times. Perhaps you or someone you know has wondered about the answer to one of these questions.

1. Are we living in the last times?
>> Read Billy Graham’s Answer

2. What is the rapture?
>> Read BGEA’s Response

3. What happens the first minute after we die?
>> Read Billy Graham’s Answer

4. Is it OK for a Christian’s body to be cremated?
>> Read BGEA’s Response

5. Does a Christian have to tithe (give away 10%)?
>> Read What Billy Graham Has Said

Do you have a question about what it means to know Jesus Christ as your Savior? You can .

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