‘God Can Change It All’: Broken Hearts Restored in Tennessee

By   •   April 30, 2018

Many were emotional as they gave their hearts to Christ during the final night of the Tri-Cities Region Will Graham Celebration in Tennessee.

Brokenness filled the arena.

All eyes were on Will Graham Sunday night, April 29, as he gave one final message in the Freedom Hall Civic Center at the Tri-Cities Region Celebration in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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“Your life is broken, in pieces, and you don’t know where to begin,” Will said, sharing a story of how he had tried to fix his first car but couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with it.

“I am here to tell you God can change it all,” Will said. “God can take the brokenness of your life and give you a .”

Across the room, thousands of broken dreams and expectations silently echoed in people’s hearts.

Ellie Holcomb
Artist Ellie Holcomb, who calls herself a “recovering perfectionist,” led worship at the beginning of the evening, singing songs she’s written in tough times. You don’t have to be defined by brokenness, she said, but by the healing that comes from that brokenness.

Many in the crowd never thought their lives would turn out this way, Will said, sharing how a woman named Hannah in the Bible had also experienced brokenness.

“This was not the life she had dreamed about,” Will said. “From the outward appearance everything looked good, but internally everything was falling apart.”

The cause of her shattered heart was not from a delayed dream, a ruined expectation or a dysfunctional household.

“The problem was about sin,” Will said.

Will Graham preaching
Things may be a mess and you may feel like God doesn’t care about what’s going on in your life, or that He’s forgotten about you, Will said. Maybe you’re questioning why God lets you go through things like this. Preaching from 1 Samuel 1, Will went on to offer a solution in the midst of life’s troubles: “Church can’t change your life. Pastors can’t change your life. Jesus Christ can change your life.”

“God can take the brokenness of your life and fix it, but you have to be willing to ,” Will shared, noting that God has a perfect plan that we don’t always understand.

Tears flowed from one woman’s eyes as she thought of her own shattered life. Growing up in a low-income home and abandoned by her father, she had felt the sting of imperfection from a young age.

Sunday she came to the Celebration with a heavy heart, as her son recently attempted suicide and she lost her job.

“Things just don’t stop,” she said repeatedly, shaking her head. “You need a Higher Power to help out.”

Dozens of others also recognized their need for God, coming forward at Will’s invitation to surrender their sorrows to the Lord.

Will told those who gave their lives to Christ that they will still mess up—they aren’t perfect people—but God will direct them back to Him.

Aaron Shust sang “Just As I Am,” a classic from Billy Graham Crusade days, as people flowed forward Sunday.

Andrew, a counselor down front, fully agreed. Will’s message touched home for him.

Andrew’s life was nothing like he expected—in the past decade, he has experienced separation from his wife and three kids, drug addiction and jail time.

Even after accepting Christ, he tried to take his own life.

Despite it all, God intervened, saving him from his attempts of self-destruction and calling him to fully live for Him.

Andrew said he can attest to Will’s words Sunday night: “I cannot take away your brokenness. Jesus can.”

Many others realized that as well, lingering after the event was over to pray or talk with others about the Lord. Their problems still existed, but their hearts were at , beautifully broken and wholly surrendered.


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