Listen to ‘The Billy Graham Channel’ on SiriusXM for a Limited Time

By   •   March 16, 2018

Billy Graham always advocated for advancing the Gospel through technology and founded  with his wife, Ruth, in 1962. You can hear Billy Graham on SiriusXM through April 3.

After many listeners’ requests, SiriusXM 145 is once again airing “The Billy Graham Channel,” featuring the inspirational words of the late world-renowned Christian evangelist. The channel will provide Billy Graham’s timeless messages about the , now through April 3 on satellite and via streaming in the midst of the Easter season.

“We’re excited that, starting today,  is airing Billy Graham Channel 145 through April 3 for the Easter season,” Franklin Graham shared  Monday. “Be sure to check it out—and let SiriusXM know you appreciate being able to listen. We hope they will decide to keep the  Channel on the air.”

The partnership between BGEA and SiriusXM means one more avenue for spreading the Gospel. The collaboration began in November in honor of Billy Graham’s 99th birthday celebration.

“For followers of Christ, Easter is the most significant celebration of all. It gives us hope for forgiveness, a fresh start now, and an ,” said Jim Kirkland, executive director of Audio Media at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). “Billy Graham preached this Good News, and now, the life-changing power of that news lives on through his messages. This SiriusXM channel will give listeners hope, one message at a time.”

>> Listen to audio archives of Billy Graham’s Crusades.

On Feb. 25, four days after Mr. Graham passed away, a truck driver named Stephen was listening to “The Billy Graham Channel” on SiriusXM and renewed his . “I was listening to Billy Graham on XM radio. I think he said this should be done in public,” he said, referring to his decision to fully follow Christ. “[I] am a truck driver and I was alone in my truck.”

Another truck driver who found “The Billy Graham Channel” connected with one of BGEA’s  through the organization’s internet evangelism ministry. “I am hoping they keep Billy Graham on channel 145 on Sirius radio,” she wrote. “Truck drivers need this so bad. I need it so bad. My marriage is in shambles. Thank God I stumbled onto channel 145 and heard Billy Graham. … I am on the road driving trucks. … Three days off every three months. It feels so alone in this truck. … I feel like I need to hear him.”

In addition to the catalog of Mr. Graham’s messages and sermons, The Billy Graham Channel will also include reflections on Easter from Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, who serves as president and CEO of BGEA. Franklin plans to continue the ministry and keep proclaiming the message of his late father and Heavenly Father—.


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  1. Mary Moore says:

    Please, please leave “The Billy Graham Channel” on! I love to listen to it as I’m starting my day and then de-stressing on my way home from work.

    1. Linda Duncan says:

      Please leave this channel on!!! It’s like the sermons give me what I need. I have grown in my daily walk with Jesus. Please, many are being saved or rededicated every day. Please leave his sermons on.

  2. Missy McHargue says:

    Please leave Billy Graham on XM radio. I so enjoy listening to him. I haven’t changed the channel since he’s been on.

  3. ERIC L CROSCO says:

    Ever since Billy Graham was put on channel 145 my days as a truck driver have been so much better! I got brokenhearted when it went off the air again! My radio never changes channels from 145! Please keep Billy Graham going for all of us to enjoy his sermons! I can honestly say I dislike my job these days, but ever since Billy Graham was put on this channel my faith and relationship has strengthened for God. It’s amazing! I’ve learned so much from Billy about God and his Word that I never knew before! Such a great message of truth! Please keep it going!!

  4. Angie Beckman says:

    Please, please keep channel 145 “The Billy Graham Channel” on the radio! Please!

  5. Woodman says:

    I’ve been a Christian since 1992 and have never heard preaching like this in any church I’ve ever been in. I’m growing, and praying it will stay on and that teaching elders will listen too.

  6. Osmundo Rodriguez says:

    I am amazed that a sermon preached 70 years ago is so relevant. Please make XM 145 permanent.

  7. Ken Lofthus says:

    Billy Graham has always been an inspiration to me. His life and ministry mean so much to so many people. I love listening to “The Billy Graham Channel” on XM145. It never gets old; please make it a permanent station! I am now reading Franklin’s book A Rebel with a Cause and am loving it. I will continue to pray and give to your ministry always.

  8. david ickes says:

    I hope the channel goes full time so we can hear more messages.

  9. Laura Carlton says:

    Thank you so much for allowing Reverend Graham to continue to preach, teach, convict, and bless us through Sirius. My son and I listen to this station all the time in the car. He is 16 years old and amazed at the Holy Spirit’s power working through the very words of the sermons today. We are both moved. Billy Graham’s sermons focused on the cross and Gospel. His simplicity and focus to preach the good news stands above and beyond most of the preaching today. Our generation needs these messages desperately. My prayer is you could keep this channel beyond Easter or provide other avenues where we can all listen to the messages in our homes and cars. Thank you for your work to keep Christ at front and center. God bless each of you!

  10. Steven Keith Ferrell says:

    Such an inspiration. I just want to serve God any way I can. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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