UK Man Reflects on His Faith 3 Months After Taking Online Know Jesus Course

By   •   December 20, 2016

“I suppose I’d say I try to live a good life and I’m certainly not a bad person. … I believe in God and want to live with Him forever.”

Nigel had been searching for Christian apps and browsing online for ways to get closer to God. He knew of Billy Graham, so when he came across , he decided to sign up.

The free course explains what it means to be a Christian and how to follow Christ.

“I was saved as a child but drifted away over the years,” said Nigel, who lives in the U.K. “Then my dad passed away in July and it made me renew my faith. I had been really for some time before that and was blaming Him for lots, but then after dad, I realized it was my way of living that was causing God to be distant.”

Nigel started the not long after his father’s death as a way to reaffirm his beliefs and get on the right track, he said.

The course is part of BGEA’s internet evangelism ministry, , which paired Nigel with an online discipleship coach, Richard Ehresman. From his home in Virginia, Richard helped answer Nigel’s questions across the pond.

Nigel told Richard early on that he’d always had “a niggling doubt” in the back of his mind about Jesus’ divinity. Maybe He was just a man, Nigel thought.

“Through reading the Bible, I think it may be Satan trying to deflect me from Christianity because I also know deep down that ,” he explained to Richard back in August.

Richard clearly and patiently responded, pointing Nigel to Bible verses like about the coming Messiah.

“It blew me away when I realized that Jesus was being talked about in such detail so long ago before He came to Earth,” Nigel reflected last month.

That passage helped put to rest his doubts about Jesus and now says matter-of-factly, “Jesus is God incarnate.”

Richard also offered Nigel some Scriptural guidance on relationship issues he was facing.

“I love Paul’s letters in the New Testament,” Nigel said, thinking back to those helpful passages. “Such wisdom and guidance through the Holy Spirit in his writings, and I applied it to my life as I found his letters very applicable to modern living.”

Since renewing his faith and finishing the five-part Know Jesus course, Nigel said he’s found “great relief.”

“I’m now a God person as opposed to a people person, so I’m more relaxed now and don’t worry as much about pleasing other people just to fall into the crowd, because I know it’s only God that matters,” he said. “It’s also a relief to know that now and I can hand control of everything over to Him from now onward.”

A few months after completing the , he’s still “going strong.”

“I found the course very useful to ‘blow away the cobwebs’ over years of not nourishing my faith. I am going strong now and am immersing myself into our local family church where my family has attended for generations.”

Are you looking to deepen your faith like Nigel? Or want to know what being a Christian is all about?


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