A Gift of Blood

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Billy Graham preaches a powerful sermon on the saving blood of Jesus Christ. Doug Oldham sings. Captain Charles Hadley gives testimony. – Tacoma 5/20/83

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  1. Adekunle Tunmise says:

    how can I download this sermons, & if it is not downloadable let me know. Thanks

    1. BGEA says:

      Sorry, this video is currently not available for download. If you’re interested, here are some Billy Graham sermons available for purchase on DVD.

  2. sharon parks says:

    I’m a Christian and just love watching the videos especially if I feel down it brings me back where I belong In my LORD JESUS CHRIST I’m a daughter of the most High GOD

  3. ronnie B says:

    am requesting for sermons, i want to listen to them please, but i cannot download them

    1. BGEA says:

      Ronnie, here are some of Billy Graham’s classic sermons: http://impactnews.info/tv-and-radio/television/classics/

      And here you can find audio clips of his messages: http://impactnews.info/tv-and-radio/radio/audio-archives/

  4. robson says:

    Você é uma espiração para minha vida, Billy Graham eu oro todos os dias a Deus pela sua vida.
    como gostaria de receber seus livros para compartilhar com as pessoas que não conhece a Jesus.

  5. sahan perera says:

    What a beautiful sermon and it was filled with Holy Spirit.

  6. zyon smile says:

    I have been receiving spritual power by listening to beloved Billy Graham’s preachings.

  7. mark skipper says:

    thank you

  8. Masked Ns says:

    His sermon is really reviving, constructive and soul healing.

  9. Toni Salyers says:

    No other pastor affects me and my life the way Billy Graham does. His sermons are very powerful, and it’s obvious he believes. I’ve spoken to people who haven’t met Jesus, and even they can’t find anything detrimental to say about Billy Graham or his family. The Bible says “you shall know them by their fruits”, and Billy Graham and his family produce the best fruits of God’s garden.

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