A Powerful Response to the Gospel in Barcelona

02:39   •   May 2, 2015

When Franklin Graham preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Barcelona on May 1, hundreds of people responded as the prayers of Spain’s Christian community were answered.

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  1. PATSYMARKUS says:

    I love the Grahams and I have my whole life!

  2. scott brady says:

    Thank you, Dr. Graham, for the opportunity to confess my sins and for my conversion to Jesus Christ.

  3. Darlene Kuczmiec says:

    I am 51 years old, and have been born again since I was 18 years old.

  4. Rrodolfo Angles Montesinos says:

    Realmente me uno al la cadena de Oración por el atentado en Barcelona, esta es nuestra principal arma para enfrentar al enemigo sea cual fuese y de donde venga, estaré Orando mis queridos hermanos en Cristo. En Perú-Arequipa

  5. Magda Hutagalung Holidaya says:

    Jesus Christ through Billy Graham’s family is beautiful

  6. Michael (Mickey D) Fisher says:

    I am a Christian since 1976 when I prayed w/ Pat Robertson in front of my TV and then was led (I believe) to a local church. I just prayed w/ F.G. at the Barcelona crusade and feel much encouraged! Renewed. Thank you.

  7. johnlalruatsanga says:

    I’m a christian and I believe our God by everyting he did, and his love for us before we didn’t know his love so when I know his love I want to tell people all over the world about his love

  8. Armando Forero says:

    Yes, we praise the Lord for that; I was a first hand witness of it.
    Armando Forero. Pastor in Barcelona

  9. John M. Richardson says:

    You are so very correct. My wife and I are praying every day that the vision of our founding fathers will be restored throughout all 50 states of our once GOdly nation. We pray daily for our nation. Perhaps it is now time both for our nation AND for our Bible-believing brother and sisters in order to turn back our great country to the premise from our Pledge of Allegiance: One Nation UNDER GOD!

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