Hour of Decision Christmas Program — 1952

14:38   •   December 7, 2015

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  1. Robert Beckett says:

    He preached God was for all.

  2. Robert Beckett says:

    Billy Graham, a man who lives the Gospel.

  3. danielamudalapally says:

    Ilike minstries and preaching

  4. Mae Hester says:

    Thank you for the broadcasting of the old clips on Dr Martin L King and Rev Billy Graham. I didn’t realized just how involved Rev. Graham was involved in the Civil Rights movement until I heard this. Thank you and GOD Bless,

  5. Tony Fletcher says:

    I have listen to Billy Graham all my life. When I was young I didn’t understand the Word of God that he was preaching, but now, as I grow closer to that eventful day that I am called home I enjoy and understand what God was doing through this man. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and not to your own heart. God has some crowns for you some day and I want to see them placed on your head when he says to you “Well done. My good and faithful servant.” What a sad day for those left to carry on, but what a day in heaven!

  6. Russ Spicer says:

    How could I and how can I possibly get through Life without Billy Graham and the BGEA???

  7. roger whippo says:



    I can feel you, and love, and peace in my heart thank you jesus, and billy graham.

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