Operation Christmas Child Outreach in Liberia

By   •   March 25, 2011

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world and most pastors do not receive an income.
40,000 boxes will be distributed in and around Monrovia in support of the All Liberia Life Festival.
Franklin Graham sits with local leaders and prepares to hand out gifts.
The Prime System School of Christ (PSS) is operated by a group of Christians in a particularly needy area of Monrovia called Rock Hill Community.
This school charges the lowest fees, $25 per year, to help the poorer parents who work very hard, breaking rocks for a living.
Approximately 450 children attend the school.
There is no guarantee of a daily income as buyers for the crushed rock can not always be found.
Parents of these children pound rocks into smaller pieces. For 2 baskets they earn $1 a day.
Life for women in the community isn't easy, but some shine with the joy of Christ.
Squeals of delight filled the little open air classroom!
Franklin Graham spoke about God's love as the children listened intently.
Franklin took time to speak with most of the children.
The Greatest Gift story books are packed in each box. They tell kids about the love of Jesus.
In the coming year, Liberia will roll out The Greatest Journey discipleship course.
Franklin made sure that each child left with a smile!
The gospel presentation involved a puppet show organized by Uncle Ben Mumford of the Jesus Evangelical Ministry (JEM).

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