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In searching for ways to bridge the generation gap, there is no doubt that we, as parents, will have to practice what we preach, by striving more and more to bring our conduct into line with our code of beliefs.

No mother can demand that her daughter abstain from sleeping around when she herself is flirting and on occasion compromising her own moral conduct. No father, who wavers between heavy social drinking and occasional binges to the edge of alcoholism, and who can’t speak a pleasant word in the morning until he has had a cigarette, can yell incessantly at his son to get off marijuana, the route that often leads to hard drugs.

Consistency, constancy, and undeviating diligence to maintain Christian character are a must if the older generation is to command respect, or even a hearing, from the young.

Why is it so hard to be a good parent? Billy Graham answers.

Prayer for the day

Younger eyes see my errant behavior, Lord. Help me to be the right example—one which will draw them to You.

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  1. Mark C. says:

    Parenting is hard. Because your kids, don’t miss a thing.

  2. Marie U Mcgraw says:

    Thank God for HIS Word!
    —Psalm 119:105 NKJV ✝

  3. Rosario Lewis says:

    Like I said in My comment few days back. Our children are usually our photo copy. We have to be someone they look up to. When I was a child I remember telling some one that my daddy does not tell lies. So let our children look up to us. Let us be a role model to them. Let them learn good things from us. We our lives when people look at us is the greatest evangelist. Let our children look at us and our life and follow Jesus. Glory to God. Amen

    1. Galata dabq says:

      We should all be truthful because as stated in John 14:6 that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We should all be like Christ. Thanks.

  4. Anthony Ross says:

    God Bless United States of America

    1. Galata daba says:

      May God bless our earth.

  5. Gerry says:

    As parents we are the ultimate role models for our children and grandchildren. The lasting impact that we have upon their lives is second to none. In their minds , we can do no wrong. However the reality is , we may be setting a poor example, inadvertently. We ought to Prayerfully consider what we do and say ….before we do and say it. It’s very difficult to undo poor choices, once they’re done.

  6. Peter Mwazighe Jumwa says:


  7. Jack Miller says:

    Praise God from whom all Blessings flow. Amen Amen.