Will Graham Preparing for First Crusade Since His Grandfather’s Homegoing

By   •   March 9, 2018

Since Feb. 21, millions of people around the world have mourned the loss and celebrated the life of .

His grandson, Will Graham, has been right there with them.

“I knew my granddad was well loved,” he said, but added that he’d lost perspective on just how many people outside of the United States have been impacted by his grandfather’s life. He called the outpouring of support for his family “humbling” and said it’s been amazing to see so many gain faith in Christ as a result of his grandfather’s passing.

“The Lord was honoring Himself through all of this,” he said, reflecting on the past two weeks.

Will has also been looking ahead to the coming months.

In late April, , will host Will’s first Celebration since his grandfather’s death. He’ll preach at similar events in  this May, followed by  in June.

“I think all of them will be very emotional,” said Will. As someone who’s always been identified as Billy Graham’s grandson, he said, “I’ll always be that, but he was always living. I always gave an update [at events].”

Now Will’s updates on his grandfather will be a little different: “He’s alive. He’s in heaven. I’ll see him again.”

That’s the hope he will continue communicating no matter where he is in the world—the hope of eternal life, the hope found through the .

“The Gospel transcends culture, transcends language, transcends politics,” he said. Whether he’s crossing the mountains into Tennessee, traveling to his Scottish ancestors’ homeland or flying across the world to southwest Australia, the same spiritual need exists.

“They’re still looking for the same things in life,” he said.

The cultural landscape may not be the same as in his grandfather’s day, but then again, Billy Graham did preach for over 60 years.

“You talk about changing landscapes,” Will said. Yet, no matter what was happening in the world during his grandfather’s ministry, “he just preached God’s Word. That’s the best way to do it—just open God’s Word and preach to people.”

The Bible is powerful, he continued, filled with living words that .

“When you get up there and preach God’s Word, God’s Word does the rest.”

In past months, Will has been in the process of sharing the Gospel a different way—on the movie screen. He heads to California in a couple of weeks to continue work on Unbroken: Path to Redemption, a sequel to the Hollywood film Unbroken about the real-life story of Olympian and prisoner of war Louis Zamperini.

After struggling with post-World War II trauma, Zamperini surrendered his life to Christ at Billy Graham’s 1949 Crusade in Los Angeles. Will is portraying his grandfather in the movie, which will be released later this year. He admits going back to the movie set will be hard following his grandfather’s death.

“I’ll be preaching his sermon. Last time I preached it, he was alive.”

While Will is the first to say he’s not trying to be the next Billy Graham, there are two things he’s taken away from pouring over his grandfather’s sermons: “the sense of urgency and the sense of boldness.”

“He didn’t hold anything back,” Will said of his world-renowned granddad. “I’ve always been bold, I think, but when you study my granddaddy, he took it to a whole new level.”

As Will strives to take his boldness up a notch, he’s also mindful that the Good News is urgent news.

“We need to preach as if Christ is coming back in our lifetime,” he said. “It could be any minute. ”

While the founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has now passed on, the ministry itself isn’t slowing down, Will said.

Where does he see BGEA 10 or 20 years from now?

“I’m going to see BGEA hopefully on the forefront of leading people to Christ through Crusades, … the Rapid Response Team,” he said, naming just a few of the organization’s key ministries.

There could be new countries opening up to the Gospel and ways of sharing it that people haven’t even thought of yet, he went on, especially in the way of technology. He said his 12-year-old son, Quinn, is “a brainiac when it comes to technology.”

“We’re just now on the tip of the iceberg of some great things taking place,” he said. “I don’t know what the future holds, but we want to be right in the middle of it, telling people about Jesus Christ.”

Like his grandfather and father, Will Graham knows that prayer must precede his preaching. Here, he joins staff and crew members in talking to God during a Celebration in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, last November.

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  1. Jann Johnson says:

    What a life….what a man…your grandfather was. And the “beat” goes on and on and on! Praise be to God Almighty!

  2. Esther madsen says:

    What a great man Billy Graham was to have a son and grandson following in his ministires.

  3. Steve Simms says:

    Thank you for doing the Lord’s work and spreading the Good Word!

  4. Darlene Harrell says:

    So glad the ministry will continue. God bless you as you continue this ministry with boldness for Christ. I have been encouraged by the teachings of Billy Graham’s ministry and have read most of his books. The book Nearing Home spoke to my heart.

  5. Lynne Schrom says:

    Thank you for your faith sharing and energy in continuing God’s Word! Your family has inspired me to be bold for Him too.

  6. Lois Ellsworth says:

    So happy and blessed to hear that you will follow in your grandfather’s footsteps. I have been blessed by his teaching and preaching for many years. May the Lord direct your journey as you spread His Word and bless all those who you will reach with the gospel. 🙏🏻