Memory Moment: Billy Graham’s Preaching Techniques

00:56   •   November 30, 2017

While at the Florida Bible Institute, Billy Graham practiced his sermons on tree stumps, speaking loudly. He resolved to practice each of his sermons 25 times before preaching.

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  1. Roosevelt Gibson, Jr says:

    I am just encouraged by his faithfulness to God. When I watch him on TV, he is remarkable. I have never seen anyone just embody the truth in the sermon the way he does and be true to the Text and the story and the context; not imposing his own will, but always the will of God. And I just praise God for such a witness (godly man) in my day and time. God bless you Mr. Graham on your 100th birthday. Amen.

  2. Jorge Vargas says:

    God bless this ministry.

  3. Vadim Velichko says:

    Billy Graham today still continues to inspire “lovers of the traditional Christian doctrine” such as myself. Be blessed, Mr. Billy Graham, and here is hoping and praying to the Lord Jesus that your son can do at least as good as you in ministering to God’s children the world over or BETTER YET!!

  4. Mellody Morgan says:

    I listened with my grandmother as a child. She is in heaven now. I was so inspired, listening to him. Thank You Jesus for Your servant, Billy Graham.

  5. Alfred Z Sayon says:

    I like Billy Graham’s evangelical ministry because it exposes me to sound preaching. His style of preaching can convict, convert and bring sinners to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I usually can quote articles and materials from some of his sermons written in books and magazines. These biblical materials are inspiring and heart touching but I give God the praise for using his word for the salvation of humankind.

  6. Arloa VanderWal says:

    It’s no wonder he delivered such praiseworthy sermons!

  7. Melanie Caudillo says:

    I grew up hearing Billy Graham over the radio and on black and white TV. I look forward to meeting him in heaven someday.

  8. pastor Jack wisdom Noubouli says:

    I’ve always been touched by his sermons. He has given me much inspiration.

  9. Charas S. Ebron says:

    I like to read some of Billy Graham messages.

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